Michael Bourke

Managing Partner - Bannockburn Global Forex, LLC


Michael will be discussing the foreign exchange risks and currency considerations for companies transacting in international markets. The ongoing volatility in currencies can have significant impact on a company’s cash flows and margins, therefore it is vital for a company to be aware of these risks. Michael will be providing an overview of the currency markets and outlining risk management strategies for companies to identify, understand and manage their foreign currency exposures.


Michael has over fifteen years experience in financial markets across several key areas including foreign exchange, commodities and investments. He has extensive background advising institutional, corporate and middle-market clients on currency risk management and foreign exchange markets through his career. Proven expertise in providing wide range of products and tailored strategies to clients, always demonstrating strong understanding of the client’s needs and goals.

Michael joined Bannockburn Global Forex LLC in 2016, as Managing Partner, based in Los Angeles. The company is a boutique capital markets firm specializing in foreign exchange payments, risk management and advisory services.